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NCDHHS Updates-Collaborative Call - Shared screen with speaker view
Natalie Ivanov (NC DHHS)
hey! You'll need to stop sharing the screen so I can share
Les Atkins
There’s still conflicting directives between Strong Schools, NCDHHS, and Governor’s Office as it relates to our schools. When will this up be updated?
Walker Wilson
Hi Les, can you say more about the inconsistencies you mention?
Rachel Willard
Will there be an update on the current bill proposed about LEA making the decision about mask use in school?
Elisha Caldwell
Please share the slides
Mary B Oates
Is the guidance any different for no quarantine after an exposure for fully vaccinated folks if the exposure is to a household contact/constant exposure versus a short term exposure?
Walker Wilson
Hi Rachel, I don't have an update on the legislation beyond the Senate is reviewing and the NCGA is not in session this week.
Les Atkins
We’re still taking temperates for staff but not students as directed. Students wear masks outside during our summer camp for example, play together, etc. but are still required to wear them inside. We get lots of resistance from our parents as a result of this directive.
Rhonda Schuhler
It is very helpful that you are exploring adjusting the quarantining guidelines to reflect the latest research. Please keep in mind that year round schools are starting back soon, and that guidance would be helpful sooner rather than later.
Rachel Willard
Thanks Walker!
Walker Wilson
ABC Science Collaborative Report
Walker Wilson
betsey tilson
Mary B Oates - fully vaccinated people do not need to quarantine following an exposure regardless of setting of exposure.
Andy Bryan
As Rhonda noted, it would be very helpful to have quarantine changes as soon as possible.
Susan Thompson
How do we verify that someone is fully vaccinated?
Susan Thompson
Any plan to connect NCIR to CVMS ?
Rhonda Schuhler
My concern is less about staff and more about bringing students back. They are overwhelmingly unvaccinated. If social distancing isn't necessary but masking is, and students are masked but not socially distanced, based on current criteria we would have to potentially large-scale quarantine if there is an exposure.
Susan Siegel
Does the funding include Independent Schools as well?
Wendy Cabral
Is the "no quarantine" still in effect for only 90 days after full vaccination or did that change? My teachers are now outside of that window.
Walker Wilson
Hi Les, let's follow up offline. My email is walker.wilson@dhhs.nc.gov. Masks are only required indoors for camps and temperature checks are no longer required. Feel free to email me. Thanks!
Natalie Ivanov (NC DHHS)
Hi @Susan - Ann is covering it now, but Independent schools can choose to participate via the State Contracted Vendor and Independent Testing options, which are both funded by this grant.
Rhonda Schuhler
For frame of reference, we have year-round students coming back for their first day of school next Friday July 16th.
betsey tilson
Wendy Cabral - the 90 day limit is NO longer in effect.
Vanessa Baker
Where do we get the opt-in form?
Walker Wilson
No quarantine is needed for fully vaccinated individuals unless they develop symptoms and then they should get tested.
Alicia Rheel
Will there be a required weekly testing for all students or does the state work with each LEA or charter to set up an appropriate plan for them?
Mary B Oates
Dr. Tillson: We have had 2 staff test positive after being fully vaccinated after household exposure. One teacher did not quarantine then exposed 8 students in summer school.
Natalie Ivanov (NC DHHS)
Hi @Vanessa - the opt-in form will be emailed out to Superintendents and others (we'll cover this on a later slide). We plan to send the form out soon after we announce the state vendor, which shouldn't be too long now
Natalie Ivanov (NC DHHS)
@Alicia - there is no required minimum testing expectation. The LEA/Charter will be able to set up a plan appropriate for them
Natalie Ivanov (NC DHHS)
Sorry panelists! Just realized I haven't been sending this to all. Will resend my messages...
Natalie Ivanov (NC DHHS)
Hi @Susan - Independent schools can choose to participate via the State Contracted Vendor and Independent Testing options, which are both funded by this grant.
Amanda Allen
Are we allowed to accept the results of these tests for students to remain in schools? Previously the Bionex testing was rapid and required students to go get a PCR result for clearance to return.
Natalie Ivanov (NC DHHS)
Hi @Vanessa - the opt-in form will be emailed out to Superintendents and others (we'll cover this on a later slide). We plan to send the form out soon after we announce the state vendor, which shouldn't be too long now
Amy Heflin
If I feel we have enough nursing staff, but because they are all working less than full time, can our district use the funds to increase their hours to full time?
Ellie Schollmeyer
We have been trying to hire a nurse but have not been getting any candidates. Please let me know if you have RN resources interested in the Durham area. Also wondered if the RN needs to be full time for funding
Natalie Ivanov (NC DHHS)
@Alicia - there is no required minimum testing expectation. The LEA/Charter will be able to set up a plan appropriate for them
Natalie Ivanov (NC DHHS)
Hi @Amy - yes, you can use the funding to increase their hours to full time
Marilyn Pearson
Will there be guidance regarding quarantine adjustments based on masking?
Wendy Kelly Jordan
Our district has been unable to hire highly qualified school nurses because the pay is no commensurate with assigned duties or remotely comparable to the hospital or clinical setting. Is there any discussion of a new pay scale coming for our school nurses?
Susan Siegel
Hi, I am unable to open the links mentioned. Will they be on your website?
Cheryl Turner
Can the funds be used to buy out a contract nurse and move them to school staff?
Walker Wilson
Hi Marilyn, we are reviewing that now and will keep you posted on any changes.
Marilyn Pearson
Thank you.
Mrs. Shaw-She/Her/Hers
Will we get helping in hiring a nurse?
Iulia Vann
Are these funds separate from the ARP funds school districts received directly from the federal government?
Natalie Ivanov (NC DHHS)
Hi Iulia - yes, this is a separate CDC ELC Grant specifically to support K12 Screening Testing
Jennifer Green
Can you speak to the role of local health departments for this project, specifically for hiring staff?
Iulia Vann
Wonderful! Thanks!
Iulia Vann
Do we know already how much Guilford County Schools will receive?
Vanessa Baker
Does the school incur the cost for the actual tests? Or would the school utilize these funds for the testing?
Natalie Ivanov (NC DHHS)
Hey Iulia - we are finalizing numbers now. We plan to let you know shortly. Feel free to email us if you have more specific questions about testing: K12COVIDTesting@dhhs.nc.gov
Natalie Ivanov (NC DHHS)
@Vanessa - The schools can utilize these funds for the testing
Tammy Finch
What is the accuracy of the testing?
Mike Zelek
What proportion of parents consented to screening testing in the pilots?
Anne Smyth
Can you share a potential model of how this screening testing may look like.
Chris Wright
How/where is the testing conducted? Nose, mouth, blood, forehead.
Nurse Amanda
For option 1 - would the vendor staff be coming into the school every day for testing of symptomatic students that present to the nurses office with symptoms? Just wondering what that would look like?
Sarah Davis
If parents would not consent to testing, could the students attend school anyway?
K. Smith
When will the StongSchoolsNC Public Health Toolkit (K-12) be updated and released for the 2021-22 school year?
Tammy Finch
Are there recommended best practices yet for school screening processes? (How often to test, who to test, etc)
Greg Dirks
Who & what is going to be used with the data collected, will it be a violation of HIPAA
Walker Wilson
HI K - we are reviewing potential updates to the Toolkit now and hope to have more to share by the end of this month. Thanks!
Leslie Cole
What if someone shows symptoms but tests negative on the rapid test given at school? What is the recommended next step?
Travis L. Reeves
Will additional changes be made to the toolkit prior to August? (Masking requirements/recommendations, quarantine length, capacity requirements, if any? etc…) As has been stated, we need to know well before school starts so we can communicate appropriately.
Ryan Hinkleman
Earlier the slide said 98% of people who were unvaccinated were responsible for contracting the virus and/or deaths, what number and percentage were school age kids?
Les Atkins
Being in a more rural area. We’re getting lots of push back from parents on the mask requirement. Schools are the only place they are required at this point. Will DHHS support allowing schools to make this decision locally based on numbers? Considering testing would be an option.
Renee kuzma
Any estimate on toolkit update. We follow these guidelines closely and cannot plan until it’s updated
Walker Wilson
Hi Travis, yes, we understand that the timing of the Toolkit changes and hope to have more to share later this month.
betsey tilson
you can see week by week breakdown of cases by age on our dashboard - https://covid19.ncdhhs.gov/dashboard/cases-demographics
K. Smith
Is there a timeline for the Toolkit release? Thanks for looking at it, but a timeline will be helpful as we make plans for the new year that starts soon.
Mike Zelek
Will one vendor be selected for all of NC? Will there be capacity for all districts that opt in?
Tammy Finch
Can anyone speak about the toolkit?
Les Atkins
ToolKit next update?
Natalie Ivanov (NC DHHS)
Thank you for all your questions! If we didn't get to yours or you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us here: K12COVIDTesting@dhhs.nc.gov
Jennifer Green
Can you speak to the role of local health departments?
Blair Rhoades
huge thanks to all our DHHS colleagues who joined. and huge thank you for your help fielding these questions. i know it's a bit rapid fire but it's SO appreciated by our friends in the field!
Mark Byrd
When toolkit is updated, can we get some clarity about returning to cafeterias? We need information along these lines in order to make staffing decisions. It would be beneficial to get this information soon.