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NCDHHS Updates-Collaborative Call - Shared screen with speaker view
Robert Grimesey
What does the research tell us about the beneficial effect of testing? Has testing been shown to mitigate COVID-19 spread in schools?
Stephaine Locklear
What are next steps for students who are symptomatic, but have a negative rapid test.
Natalie Ivanov (NC DHHS)
@Stephaine - the next step would be to get a confirmatory PCR (lab) test. The student can get that test with a healthcare provider, at a pharmacy, or at a community testing event
Natalie Ivanov (NC DHHS)
Here is the link I referenced! https://covid19.ncdhhs.gov/about-covid-19/testing/find-my-testing-place
Wendy Jordan
Does this mean Moderna is FDA approved for 18+?
Wendy Jordan
I'm sorry. I think I misunderstood the slide.
Debra Dowless
For graduation ceremonies outdoors on school campus in a stadium on Plan B, what is the protocol?
Robert Grimesey
Have we previously looked at a side-by-side comparison of risks to children (pick the age ranges) presented by COVID-19 vs. seasonal flu? Comparative symptoms? Risk of transmission? Risk of hospitalization? Risk of death? Ultimately, why are masks, vaccines and social distancing more important to protect children from COVID-19 than they are for seasonal flu?
Brandon Roeder - NCDPI - (He/His)
Are we still recommending that all schools offer high school athletics even though they are connected so strongly with clusters?
Rebecca Planchard, NCDHHS
StrongSchoolsNC@dhhs.nc.gov is the K12 guidance COVID email address
Joe Ferrell
Do we have any guidance yet on face coverings requirements for the 2021 - 2022 school year?
Has anything changed with quarantines? Contact Tracing?
Debra Dowless
Can schools anticipate opening schools for 2021-2022 under the current Strong Schools NC Toolkit?
Michael Myrick
Are bands/chorus still required to use bell covers, instrument bags, and masks?
Carrie Venable
You are awesome, Betsey! Thank you for all your hard work and efforts in breaking down this unprecedented time!
Robert Grimesey
Previous question was limited to children, ages 0-17.
Andrew Swanner
Is there a link to the NC Executive Order 215 FAQ guidance that was shared in one of the last slides?
Rebecca Planchard, NCDHHS
@Andrew: Here is link to EO 215 FAQ document: https://files.nc.gov/governor/documents/files/FAQ-For-Executive-Order-No.-215.pdf
Tanya Turner
We had almost as many positive COVID cases during the two week Christmas break as we had the semester prior or the semester after. For us, this proved that students and staff were safer in school than they were at home. I hope we never shut schools down again. Our data is showing that remote is not a good option for the majority of students. Please don’t take athletics away. This is what keeps so many of our students engaged. We had an extreme few cases of athletic positive cases. We were careful and followed the guidelines. I am fine with face coverings if that is what we need to do to keep the doors open to all students. Thank you for you continued guidance and support this school year and since school closure!
Michael Myrick
Thank you!
Brad Rice
It seems summer school would be a great test to see if removing face coverings caused a spike in students since there will be smaller numbers in our schools.
Brandon Roeder - NCDPI - (He/His)
I’ll throw in a thank-you, as well! That explanation of the flu vs. Covid was fantastic!
Tracy Fowler
Will there be any changes to contact tracing and quarantine for exposure during summer programs?